Kamloops Printmakers Workshops 2018

Greetings from the Kamloops Printmakers.

The weather is warming up and the yard is calling. Take a break and join us at the studio for some fun-filled and educational workshops.

We are excited to send you information about the workshops that we are offering this spring and summer.
If you have questions or want to stop by for a visit please send an email to kamloopsprintmakers@gmail.com

The workshops are filling up quickly so please register early.

If there is a specific area of printmaking that you are interested in, get some folks together as a class and let us know. We will try to match your desire with an instructor.

Ila Crawford
Kamloops Printmakers Society
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102B-925 McMaster Way

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The Kamloops Printmakers Society is a non-profit organization that provides studio facilities for artists working in print-based media. The studio is equipped through the generous contributions of society members and friends of the society. We provide for a wide range of print-based art practice, including screen printing, intaglio, and relief processes. We now have a Letterpress and our members are working in monoprints and innovative technologies such as alumi-num foil lithography (Kitchen Litho) and Mokulito (lithography on wood panels).

The Kamloops Printmakers are busily preparing for spring and summer. We are printing t-shirts for the Peace, Social Justice, and Environment Days’ events on June 23rd. Thanks to our volunteers, Danelle and Nicholas, for their work. Look for the re-purposed shirts at the Saturday Farmers’ Market, in the weeks before the event at the Country Gardens Greenhouse stall.

Intaglio Workshop Marnie Blair

June 1,2,3 Fri. 6:30-8:00PM Sat. Sun. 10:00AM-4:00PM. Non-Members $198.00 Members $130.00

This workshop is for absolute beginners, and for those who wish to refresh skills and familiarize themselves with the Printmakers Society studio.

Intaglio is an Italian term (in tall io) for making marks using a surface that is incised (lower than surrounding areas). The incised areas hold ink while the surface is wiped clean thus creating an image when paper under pressure is applied to the plate. Several identical impressions (an edition) can be made with the plate. Rembrandt was one of the first printmakers to use this process.

Participants will make their own image on a copper plate and will print it on our large etching press. The image will be drawn through a resist and then etched to create incised lines, shapes, and patterns. Materials for one print are provided. Additional paper and copper plates are available for purchase.

Fear of drawing is no excuse. There are strategies to get around self-perceived lack of skill.

Friday evening, 6:30-8:00PM, we assemble for an information/demo and fun session and on Saturday we get to work.

Folded Book Workshop Maureen Light

Sat. and Sun., June 23 and 24th 10:00AM-4:00PM Non-members $75.00 Members $60.00 Learn how to make a simple but elegant folded book with decorated covers. This book makes a great keep-sake book for photographs or prints. An assortment of decorated papers will be included for students to choose from. Many contemporary printmakers use folded books as a vehicle to display their prints; first printing an image and then folding it into a book. Three variations of folded books will be covered in the course.

Introduction to Relief: Lino Elizbeth Sigalet and Susan Miller Sat.-Sun., July 14-15 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (bring a lunch) Non-members $90.00 Members $70.00

Whether you are an established printmaker or a beginner, lino cuts are a great way to experiment with relief printing. In a social weekend we will go through the basics of cutting, inking, and printing. We will use the large printing press, and will also demonstrate techniques to print plates at home without a press.

Participants will learn how to transfer an image onto a plate, how to manage the cutting tools, and carve using a bench hook, and most importantly to print their plate. There will be an opportunity to exchange prints with other participants. This is a fun way to start your collection of hand-pulled original prints. Supplies included: lino plate, ink, some paper. Lino tools and additional paper will be available for purchase at cost. Limited to 8 participants.

Gelatin Plate Kelly Perry Saturday July 21st 10:00AM-1:00PM Non-members $45.00 Members $30.00

The process is straightforward and versatile, spontaneous and fun. Gelatin Plates are equally well suited for professional printmakers, home enthusiasts, professional artists, and young children. No press is required. The basic materials are inexpensive, non-toxic, and clean up with water.

This workshop introduces the process of making monoprints using home-made gelatin plates and acrylic paint. You will learn how to make your own plate, and how to use it. This is an ideal workshop for those interested in making books, cards, wrapping paper, or one-of-a-kind prints. Some materials supplied. You may bring a variety of papers to print on. Some paper available for purchase. Once you learn how to make your own gelatin plate you can print at home. If you have arylic paint bring it along. For information email kellycperry@hotmail.com

****The number of students in courses is limited so register early kamloopsprintmakers@gmail.com****

Conditions of membership are outlined on the website. Contact the society via email if you have questions.


Beyond the Winter Time

Wildflowers to cheer the winter blues away.

Opening Reception: Friday January 12, 6-8:30 pm

About Kelly

As an artist / printmaker Kelly tries to find things that represent her life and how she feels about the way she sees things or the reality of issues. Art allows her to create the words and feelings she cannot say. She explores the land by gathering rocks or simply going for her gypsy drives to catch the glimpse of the eagle as it soars over her head. A way for her to find peace.

Kelly returned to school after a life altering event, graduating with her BFA in 2005. Kelly has 4 incredible children and 9 wonderful grandchildren. From time to time they explore art or search for rocks and soils, which they use to create paints or crayons. Kelly is always exploring new ways to create her art.

Kelly has been in several Art / Printmaking groups and solo exhibitions in B.C., Ont., Sask., UK., and USA. Kelly worked at facilitated art workshops for adults with disabilities as well as Children at Risk with the school board, Kamloops Art Gallery, and Kamloops City / Museum. She is one of the founding members of Arnica Art Gallery. She is presently President/director of the Kamloops Printmakers Society, and has created a program called “Saturday Morning Art with Kelly C Perry” at the Old Courthouse every Saturday. As well, Kelly is proud to have VIDA from San Francisco use her art for their clothing and decor line.

Artist Statement

My artist journey, I wanted to share some happiness with you as the viewer. Winter is upon us and this last summer was a total loss due to the fires in the area. So I found my art taking a different direction as times became difficult. I chose art to create that took me beyond my comfort zone, in the form of animals, birds ect. My reflection today is that the difficult things make me work hard and this is a way for me to prove only to myself I can do it and hopefully not fail. This is something I have battled from a very young age, possibly part of bullying. Hearing and feeling I wasn’t smart plus being an immigrant. It has been quite a struggle. AND then comes my happy days when I begin to take the smallest brushes and mixing my own colours letting the brush take me where it wants to go. My garden, wildflowers or just the freedom of several different brush strokes. I call it intuitive. I am totally lost in thought as I sit on the couch feet balancing my canvas.

“Art is saying the things I cannot say but feel. “

Check Out Brian Valli’s Exhibition Kamloops Arts Council.


“Inside And Out”     Brian’s First Solo Exhibition  July 15th – Sept 1   2017.

Brian Valli is a 60 year old man with deep roots in the Kamloops community. He has been painting for many years and has been honing his craft for the last two years with Kelly Perry on Saturday mornings. Brian has been fantastic at blending and mixing his colors. It is always awesome to watch his process in his paintings. He is crazy about the color black and at times we restrict him. Brian expands his painting experience by now choosing from the pile of photographs before him and willing to now take the challenge to see how he can executes it onto his canvas. Art is Brian’s feelings and at times his voice.

Brian is also a proud Blazers fan and season ticket holder.


Kamloops Printmakers Gelatin Plate Workshop

Gelatin Plate Printmaking Workshop                                                                                   

Saturday July 8th 11am to 2pm

Price $60.00   Includes Materials

Kamloops Printmakers Studio

102B 925 MacMaster Way off McGill next to Old Dutch.

This one day workshop introduces the process of making monoprints using home-made gelatin plates. You will learn how to make your own plate, and how to use it. This is an ideal workshop for those interested in making books, cards, wrapping paper, or one of a kind prints. All materials supplied. Once you learn how to make your own gelatin plate you can print at home.

IMG_0007_2.JPGThe process is straightforward and versatile, spontaneous and fun. Gelatin Plates are equally well suited for professional printmakers, home enthusiasts, professional artists, and young children. No press is required. The basic materials are inexpensive, non-toxic, and clean up with water.

For information and to register please email kamloopsprintmakers@gmail.com





Print your own Tote with Kamloops Printmakers

Print Your Own Tote!

Relief Printing with Linda Jules

Saturday May 6, 11am to 4pm

Join printmaker Linda Jules on international Print Day in May to create your own sturdy canvas tote bag. Learn how to transfer and cut an image onto a block printing plate, ink up the plate and print it onto your tote bag. Bring you own image or use an assortment of original images provided at the workshop. All materials and supplies will be provided, and extra supplies will be available for purchase for those who would like to continue their printmaking fun at home. Young workshop participants 8 to 12 years of age are welcome when accompanied by an adult participant (sharp tools involved).

Note: For participants who opt to bring their own images, the designs should feature simple shapes (such as those pictured on the totes above) and must fit on a 4”x 6” plate.

Cost:   $100

Maximum 8 Participants

Kamloops Printmakers Studio, 925 McMaster Way (off McGill)

To register contact kamloopsprintmakers@gmail.com

The Kamloops Printmakers Society is pleased to announce a screen printing workshop hosted by Amanda Forrest-Chan MFA who is a visiting artist at the studio.

Intro to Screen Printing with Amanda Forrest-Chan March 2017
Three sessions:
March 24 Fri, 6:30-9:30 PM
March 25 Sat, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
March 31st Fri 6:30-9:30 PM

This hands-on workshop introduces basic screen printing using photo emulsion and water-based inks. You will learn how to prepare screens, expose stencils, mix ink, use a squeegee, and reclaim the screen for the next print. Students will be assisted as they gain proficiency with paper stencils, hand drawn stencils, drawing fluid, and basic photo generated images. Studio and equipment maintenance will be part of the workshop.
Day 1: screen maintenance, coating, exposing and preparing to print, as well as demonstrations on making prints with paper stencils and drawing fluid. Students are invited to bring resource images and ideas for a collaborative screen print.
Day 2: reclaiming screens (removing stencils), and proper storage of materials. Students will make a collaborative print using hand drawn stencils and photo generated images.
Day 3: students will print their own two-colour screen print.
This course provides basic knowledge of screen printing. Students who successfully complete this course may participate in supervised studio sessions.

To register or for information contact:


or send a message on our Kamloops Printmakers facebook page.

Maximum 8 registrants.
Cost: $160.00 Supplies are included.

Intuitive Art Workshops every Saturday 2018 with Kelly C Perry


         Intuitive Painting Process, Entering the Creative Stream EVERY SATURDAY ART WITH KELLY C. PERRY


Saturday’s 10:30 to 1:30       No Experience Necessary, Everyone Welcome & Refreshments  

Let all your expectations go and see what happens. Piece above was created this way. Step by step, color by color. Totally frees one up and time flies by. Bring your own supplies and photos, I will have some on hand. Cost $10.00 and hour stay up to 1 to 3 hours, your choice. Meet with other artists and learn some new ways of creating. For more information email kellycperry@hotmail.com or phone 250 372 2611 also you could check out my website: http://yllitwyers.wixsite.com/home.  Learn to let go, will have special workshops upon request or from time to time. Will keep you posted.